9 Reasons to Skip Work for NON-CON 2019: I'VE GOT THIS

I'VE GOT THIS wizard of oz

We all love a day off work, and a conference is one of the best excuses to get away from the grind for a refresh. While Des Moines in February isn’t exactly San Diego in the summer, there are still lots of reasons to head over to Grand View University  for YNPN’s annual NON-CON for young professionals. Here are 9 of them.

  1. Because you’re afraid of change. All humans are. You’re lying if you say otherwise. But this year’s theme of change-management will help deal with change in the workplace and outside of it—using reason as your guide rather than emotion.

  2. Because it will look good to your employer. Supervisors love professional development, especially when it comes cheap. You’ll look proactive rather than passive when you ask for the day off for NON-CON.

  3. Because you’ll meet peers from other nonprofits. No one commisserates better than nonprofit staff. No one understands your joys and sorrows in quite the same way. These young professionals are a network you’ll be counting on for the rest of your career.

  4. Because you want to be a leader. Whether you plan to serve as director of a nonprofit someday or just want to stand out from your peers, “The Leadership Athlete” session is for you. Mia Ellis from Amplify Consulting will teach us more sustainable and effective ways of working so that we can become mission-driven leaders.

  5. Because you’re experiencing compassion fatigue. In a field that’s focused on helping others, it’s easy to burn out. In the “Got Empathy?” session, Alysa Mozak will show us how to create a compassionate work environment that will build productivity and connection.

  6. Because you’re thinking of leaving your job. But leaving could be worse than staying where you are. It’s a tough decision. Our panel “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” will parse the complexities and help you make the choice.

  7. Because you'd like to make new friends. It’s difficult to connect after college. NON-CON is the perfect place to meet people who care about the same things you do. Share your contact info, or meet up for a drink after the conference.

  8. Because your employer might pay for it. Yes, some employers pay the registration fee as a professional development expense. It doesn’t hurt to ask! Remember, it’s a better deal to join YNPN as a member for $35—and then pay the $25 registration fee—than to pay the $70 fee for non-members. Plus, you get free lunch!

  9. ‘Cause you don’t got thisyet! None of us do. But together, at NON-CON, we’ll get it all figured out. Or at least get on the pathway there.


Secret #10 Reason: The first 90 people to register for NON-CON will receive an awesome Klean Kanteen cup at the event!


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