Advice for Individuals Starting a Career in Non-profits

We asked a few of our LinkedIn group members for words of wisdom to help young YNPs begin their careers. The answers were as profound as they were practical. Leave a comment with your own advice.

“If you stay open to every idea- every offer and every inspiration – and follow those paths, you will find yourselves in places that you would have never imagined.” – John Mark Feilmeyer

“Nurture your network: collaborate, find a way to say yes, stay positive — you never know who will send an opportunity your way.” – Mary Bess Bolling

“Be ready to wear multiple hats and expand your knowledge. You will learn multiple facets of the organization and find that there is a lot of crossover between departments. You are all on the same team – be ready and willing to support others in their work. And, always be open to gaining new skills outside of your job description.” – Kristin Schaaf 

“Be excited about coming to work -especially on the days when you have no idea whats going to happen.” – Zeb Beilke-McCallum

“Speak up! Be ready to offer ideas and to take leadership of a project. There will be so many opportunities to contribute beyond your “defined” role and those are often the most exciting and fruitful moments of your career.” – Sarah Welch

“Set up a schedule to manage your time and priorities from the start. Be ready to re-arrange them at moment’s notice.” – Lee Goldsmith

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