Announcing Our New Board Structure

YNPN Des Moines started as a small group of local young professionals meeting for coffee and sharing resources and ideas for our work in youth-focused nonprofits. We knew we were onto something special, so we decided to spin off into a more formal group that tackled a broad range of topics and built relationships across our local nonprofit sector.

That meant working really hard behind the scenes to draft bylaws, incorporate with the state, build out a bank account, create a social media presence and — oh yeah, host some pretty sweet social and professional development events that would inspire everyone in our ynp community to become a member.

When we started, we had an Executive Board tasked with tackling the behind-the-scenes strategy that gets an organization off the ground. We also enlisted a “Volunteer Corps” of amazing committee co-chairs who could implement ideas and move us forward.

Now, we’re at a point where our original Exec Board will be cycling off. We’re succession planning, or should we call is success-ion planning. (Buh-dum-ching!) We’ve consolidated our leadership structure to reflect where the organization has come. And we’re recruiting!

This is what the YNPN Des Moines leadership structure will look like by July 1, 2015:


October 1, we’ll be opening up applications for our leadership team. Assuming a role as a Board Member for YNPN Des Moines is an excellent opportunity for someone who is looking to leap forward in her leadership experience, or who has his eye on developing his skills as a manager but maybe works in a smaller organization without much room for growth. It’s a lot of good, hard, FUN work. Over the past two years, our co-chairs, secretary and several of our other board members have moved-on-up the career ladder. Part of that is, no doubt, because of our work on YNPN Des Moines.

Board applications will be open October 1-22, 2014. Our membership will elect officers in November. (This may not be a caucus year in Iowa, but you can bet we’ll have a YNPN DSM election night event!) The rest of the Board will be selected in December and announced formally at our January event! The new board will have several months to “shadow” our outgoing leadership team, to transition knowledge and responsibilities in a strategic way. It’s a long process, but we’ve heard from other YNPN chapters around the country that this is a tricky time for an organization, so we’re cool with taking things slow and building up our next leadership team to equip them for success.

Also, honestly, it might take awhile to groom the next group of leaders to be total goofballs. Ahem.


Questions? Interested in applying? Get in touch at [email protected]

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