Big Thanks to Ingersoll Square

By Brianne Sanchez, YNPN Des Moines founding co-chair

One of the trickiest parts of creating a new organization from scratch is how to grow with very little capital. (Human capital, we have in spades. Cold, hard, cash – not so much.) So far, we’ve relied on the personal generosity of our Leadership Team to pay for food, post-its, etc. But we had our first in-kind sponsor this fall and want to tell you all about it!

YNPN Des Moines was searching for a spot to host our mid-year Leadership Retreat when serendipity smiled upon us. The kind staff at the Ingersoll Square lofts invited us to use their community room, take a tour of the growing development and even bought us Gusto Pizza. Clearly they knew the way to YNP hearts is through our pie-holes.

So our leadership team spent a sunny fall day celebrating our accomplishments over the past six months and plotting world domination the next few months for the organization. We used our willpower to not hold our planning meeting in the Ingersoll Square hot tub or pool, which are right outside the community room. There’s also a workout room.


Frank Levy, one of the Newbury Living business partners who is developing the property, told us a little bit about their income restricted apartment options, and the business in general. Quote of the day: These income restricted apartments might be a good fir for young nonprofit professionals who are “Not properly compensated by society for the value they bring.” Preach, Frank.

Frank is a Harvard Business School grad, so obviously we wanted to pick his brain for startup advice. “Have audacity” he told us. Bring something fresh to the table, and everyone will want to be part of it. We adopted an “audacious” agenda and really appreciated Newbury Living’s support.

If you’re in the market for a new place that’s close to downtown, allows dogs, has in-unit washer/dryer and is owned by a dude as cool as Frank is, consider Ingersoll Square for your new home. It might be closer to your budget than you think. Call 599-0201 or e-mail [email protected]

If you’d like to find a way to partner with YNPN Des Moines, send us a line to [email protected]

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