Discussion Group Recap: Workplace Wellness


Our May 2015 discussion group centered around the topic: How can smaller non-profits can manage a wellness program?

Attendees at the event discussed several tactics their organizations utilize:

One YNP created a “Wellness Wednesday” calendar invite for all of her colleagues that rallies the team for a group walk and communal lunch. Another organization hosts a “Dump your Plump” team weight loss challenge that culminates with participants bringing canned goods equivalent to pounds dropped for donation to the food bank. Another staff hosts quarterly lunch & learns around wellness topics.

Think about it:
Does your organization value wellness? 
Does your organization have a formal wellness program? Is it well utilized? 
What wellness-related issues do you think need to be addressed? 
What partnerships does your organization have that could be leveraged for a wellness program? 
What types of programs do you think would work for you?
What are the steps to building a program?
1. Gaining Support
a. What values does your employer hold that would align with a wellness program?
b. What stakeholders do you need on your side?

2. Forming a Wellness Team
a. What roles or departments should be involved?

3. Assessing needs and interests
a. What data do you need to collect internally?
b. What resources can you use to collect data on community-wide needs?

4. Develop an annual work plan
a. What is your mission?
b. What level of resources will be committed to the program?
c. How will you evaluate the program?

Free Resource:


Visit the “Get Active” page of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, which hosts a number of resources including Healthy Iowa Worksites: A Collection of Active & Eating Smart and Tobacco Free Tools for Building Your Worksite Wellness Program.

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