Get to Know Stephanie Majeran

Name: Stephanie MajeranStephanieMajeran.png

What she does: Drake University, Assessment Coordinator

Age: 29

How she spends her free time: Running! And teaching aerobics, cooking weird “healthy” foods, hanging out with my hubby and puppy, and working towards a Masters in Leadership Development.

What she loves about her job: I have some great, fun co-workers who truly care about doing their best at any job or task thrown their way! I also enjoy the flexible and more relaxed atmosphere at higher ed institutions.

Lowest point in her career: My low point came after 2.5 years in public accounting when I realized that life was too short to be so miserable in a job, especially when working over 40 hours a week. I learned that while a job and money are certainly important, they should not keep you from being happy, pursuing your dreams, and being yourself.

What inspires her: Right now, I’ve been fascinated with entrepreneurial ventures, so reading articles about the amazing things that these innovative people have created has been very inspirational for me.

How she got to Des Moines: I am a Des Moines native, but went to college in Pittsburgh, then lived in Philadelphia for 3 years, then on to Iowa City for a year and Dubuque for a year and a half, before making my way back home!

What she wishes she knew when she started her career: That getting a degree in a certain area does not mean you have to be stuck in it forever, nor do you have to go down the “expected” path.

What she wanted to be as a little girl: Many things, but the one that stands out is a marine biologist. I fell in love with manatees when visiting Sea World in 4th grade and pursued this occupation until I realized that in fact, I am not a big fan of water.

Dream job?: Being my own boss, where I get to help people do what they are good at efficiently and effectively and design solutions to problems.

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