Ink It: Your Goals and Visions

As part of our YNPN Des Moines Launch Party (which had more than 100 attendees!), we encouraged our members to share their professional goals for 2013 and their visions for how they can help the world. We believe not only in writing these down, but feel there’s a power in sharing them with the world. The act of writing creates accountability, and by letting others know what you hope to accomplish, you’re opening the door to help.


Here’s what our members wrote:

When you think about changing the world, what kind of work do you see yourself pursuing?
  • Empowering youth to become successful
  • Increase nutrition knowledge among young students
  • Betterment of our community through understanding
  • Providing opportunities for increased quality of life
  • Community leader/development
  • Strengthening the farm-to-school cafeteria connection
  • Connecting “non-digital” seniors with community resources.
In 2013, what’s one professional goal you’d like help accomplishing?
  • Time management (x4)
  • Goal setting
  • Program management (x2)
  • Becoming more organized
  • Self Esteem Workshop
  • Connecting partnerships (facilities, socialization, talents, treasure)

We hope to use some of these thoughts to help guide programming in our launch year. After all, this group is about the goals of all of its members!

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