We're accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Board!

The following positions are open:

Membership Co-Chair:  Responsible for recruiting and maintaining a strong membership base, creating a positive experience for YNPN members via membership benefits and acting as ambassadors for the organization.

Programming Co-Chair: Plan and conduct events that provide members and non-members professional development, networking and social opportunities. Plan a variety of events in varied formats and partner with other organizations when appropriate.

At-Large Board Member: The At-Large Board member serves as a liaison to YNPN National and participates in the Executive Committee. The At-Large Board member may also Chair Ad-Hoc committees as necessary, including but not limited to the Nominations Committee.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for organizing and supervising the finances of YNPN Des Moines.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for recording minutes and distributing them to the membership.

Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair supports and acts in the place of the Chair in the event of the Chair’s absence, including, but not limited to, conducting Board of Directors meetings and speaking to the media. The Vice-Chair serves as Chair of the Executive Committee.

Chair: The Chair conducts Board of Directors meetings. The Chair, or her/his designee, serves as the official spokesperson of YNPN Des Moines.

Apply by Friday, May 3 by submitting your application to info@ynpndesmoines.org.


Download the application


2018-2019 Board of Directors

Chair: Jaclyn Wulfekuhle

Vice Chair/Chapter Congress Rep: Emma Christianson

Secretary: Ted Heying

Treasurer: Derek Johnson

At-Large Member: Kristin Huinker

Marketing Co-Chair: Addie Olson 

Marketing Co-Chair: Rachel Vogel Quinn

Membership Co-Chair: Marlu Abarca

Membership Co-Chair: Meghan Smith

Programming Co-Chair: Clara Bergan

Programming Co-Chair: Juan Carlos Cadenillas

Interested in learning more about leadership opportunities within YNPN Des Moines? Send a note to info@ynpndesmoines.org.

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