Professional Resources

Looking for a job? Here are some great places to look for nonprofit jobs in the Des Moines area:


Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines Nonprofit Employment Opportunities


Greater Des Moines Partnership's Career Center


Association of Fundraising Professionals of Central Iowa


Don't forget to put YNPN Des Moines on your resume or LinkedIn profile! Being a member of YNPN demonstrates that you are taking initiative in your career and professional development. Here's an example:

"YNPN Des Moines promotes an efficient, viable, and inclusive nonprofit sector that supports the growth, learning, and development of young professionals. We are a local group of young nonprofit professionals who meet to share experiences, resources and connections to advance the nonprofit field in Des Moines.

Through its national network, YNPN works to advocate for a sector that is more sustainable and effective in its talent recruitment, retention, and development practices. YNPN is building a network of leaders around the country who can design, advocate for, and lead this more sustainable and effective nonprofit sector."


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