Why I Lead: Chantelle Mathany


I walked out of college in May of 2012 with a marketing degree under my belt and a job lined up fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Association and was feeling pretty great about it. Fast forward four months – my first big fundraising event is upon me, I’m stressed to the max and thinking to myself, “Surely there are others out there like me. Where do I find them?  How can we share resources?”

Turns out there are LOTS of others like me – young professionals working in the nonprofit field here in Des Moines. My interest in YNPN Des Moines grew out of my need to grow myself professionally. I faced the same issues many of my YNP peers faced (and maybe you’re facing today too!): new to the “real world” and new to the nonprofit world.  Then this brilliant thing came along – a group who banded together like-minded individuals to share resources and help each other grow professionally and personally.

It was important for me to realize that I wasn’t alone – people working in nonprofits face special issues (lack of funds, lack of all resources really) and sometimes it can be stressful but it helps me to remember that there are others like me going through the same thing.  I am proud to work beside a group of such passionate, caring, hardworking individuals through YNPN Des Moines and hope you’ll consider joining our team! — Chantelle Mathany

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