Why I Lead: Kelsey Tyrrell


When I moved to  Des Moines three years ago, I was eager to join professional and social organizations to get a jump start on my career in the non-profit sector. I have worked in the non-profit field for four years and haven’t found a greater support system than with YNPN Des Moines and I want to make sure it continues to succeed. When we can provide tools and resources specific to our non-profit professionals, they are more prepared to meet the needs of their clients. Their clients then feel more empowered to succeed, which ultimately has a positive impact on our community. It’s a win-win-win situation, so who wouldn’t want to join such an awesome movement? Who knows, maybe you can be that person who makes Des Moines the #1 place for Non-Profit Professionals! (Not that you don’t already have anything else to brag about to your out of state friends…)” —Kelsey (Mueller) Tyrrell


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