Why I Lead: Sarah Myren


Connections, passion and community are the main reasons I lead with YNPN.  The importance of making connections, professionally and personally, is at the forefront of why I get up looking forward to each new day.  YNPN, for me, is the ideal place to build connections with others who share the same passions and work on growing my community in Des Moines.

While I’m not originally from Des Moines, or Iowa for that matter, I had some difficulty feeling part of the community when I first decided to pursue work here after college.  I was soon introduced to a rich and vibrantly diverse community through my first position, which I am still a part of, but I was missing the piece of connecting with other young professionals who shared my interest in social justice, community development and fighting for a larger cause.  When I became involved in the group that would eventually lead to the development of YNPN Des Moines, I found this missing piece and have been so pleased to grow my community even more over the last few years.  Now I lead not only to continue developing my connections, passions and community, but to assist others with the same growth and I’m excited to see what is to come from here! — Sarah Myren

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